Handcrafted Decor and Furnishings made from Salvaged, Reclaimed and Re-purposed Wood, Furniture and anything else that inspires us.


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Being born and raised in Florida we love all that it has to offer. Working outside, flip flops, beaches, lakes….
Doing what you love, around the people you love, in the place that you love.
This passion started off as making gifts for friends and family and gradually turned into more than a hobby.
We believe in re-purposing and reusing what’s out there which is why we try to use as close to 100% of the materials as possible.

  • Spare cuts go into other projects or used as paint stand offs
  • Sawdust gets made into fire starters
  • if something can’t get used, it goes into a fire pit for the family and friends to enjoy

Hopefully, by utilizing what we have now, we can extend the life of existing items and preserve more for the future.